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Recuperar datos de WD My Book World Edition NAS

manuales - Linux

Una solucion si un buen día tu Western Digital My Book World edition, un NAS económico y versátil decide no arrancar y tienes a mano una caja de un HD externo SATA


I have a single-drive 1TB Western Digital (WD) World Edition NAS device. Recently, something happenned to the device and it stopped working, but not before I had moved significant amounts of important data to the drive. I opened the device and connected the hard drive directly to my computer via a USB-SATA adapter. This is a step by step guide explaining how to recover data from the drive, just as I did:

1) Unfortunately, Windows XP is unable to see the drive because it is not in a format recognized by the operating system. So, instead burn yourself a Live CD of Ubuntu and boot to it.

2) Launch a terminal session and issue the following commands:

$ sudo modprobe md
$ sudo mknod /dev/md4 b 9 4
$ sudo apt-get install mdadm
$ sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md4 /dev/sdb4
$ sudo mkdir /media/xyz
$ sudo mount /dev/md4 /media/xyz
$ sudo chmod -R 777 /media/xyz

3) Now you should be able to see your data by browsing to /media/xyz.

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