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ET Comandos de Consola

Para aquellos que hayan descubierto la consola :)
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Console Commands

First for the people that wouldn't know it. All these commands need to be filled in in the console of enemy territory. You can open your console by pressing the ² on your keyboard, or you can change it somewhere in your Controls menu.

Network Commands

These commands affect the way the game handles incoming and outgoing data. Tweaking these may improve your network performance.

/cl_maxpackets xxxx
Where xxxx is a number, changes your maxpackets setting to that number. Try 100 for a LAN, 60 for broadband, and 30 for modems.

/cl_packetdup xxxx
Where xxxx is a number, changes your packetdup setting to that number. Try 0 for a LAN, 1 for broadband, and 1 for modems.

/cl_snaps xxxx
Where xxxx is a number, changes your snaps setting to that number. Try 40 for all 'net connections.

/cl_rate xxxx
Where xxxx is a number, changes your rate setting to that number. Try 25000 for a LAN, a figure between 25000 and 62000 for broadband, and 5500 for modems.

Recording a Demo

Recording and playing back a demo is pretty easy, but may result in a performance hit unless your machine is really beefy.

Step 1: type "\g_syncronousclients 1" (or choose it from the server setup menu)
Step 2: type "\record XXXXXX", where XXXXXX is what you want to name the demo
Step 3: type "\stoprecord" once you're done recording.
Step 4: type "\demo XXXXXX" to play back the demo. (Will also play back others' demos)

All of those commands above are without quotes, obviously.

Respawn Hotkeys

Tired of using the Limbo menu to choose your class and weapons? No problem! Simply open up your wolfconfig.cfg file (in the \Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\main\ directory for Windows users) with any old text editor and add the following lines to the end:

bind F1 "mp_playertype 0;mp_weapon 10;echo You will respawn as a ^2Soldier with a ^3Flame Thrower"
bind F2 "mp_playertype 0;mp_weapon 6;echo You will respawn as a ^2Soldier with a ^3Mauser"
bind F3 "mp_playertype 0;mp_weapon 8;echo You will respawn as a ^2Soldier with a ^3Panzerfaust"
bind F4 "mp_playertype 0;mp_weapon 9;echo You will respawn as a ^2Soldier with a ^3Venom Gun"
bind F5 "mp_playertype 3;mp_weapon 3;echo You will respawn as a ^2Lieutenant with a ^3MP40"
bind F6 "mp_playertype 3;mp_weapon 4;echo You will respawn as a ^2Lieutenant with a ^3Thompson"
bind F7 "mp_playertype 3;mp_weapon 5;echo You will respawn as a ^2Lieutenant with a ^3Sten"
bind F8 "mp_playertype 2;mp_weapon 4;echo You will respawn as a ^2Engineer with a ^3Thompson"
bind F9 "mp_playertype 1;mp_weapon 4;echo You will respawn as a ^2Medic with a ^3Thompson"

You can change the keys to whatever you like. When you hit the bound key, you'll set your class/weapons for the next respawn.

Server Commands

These commands only work if you are the one who has set up the server so in other words you need to have the Rcon or referee password. Some of them are useful, some of them are wacky.
We have to make a difference between the Rcon commands and the referee commands. BUT you can use all referee commands if you have Rcon. On the other hand you cannot use the Rcon commands if you only have the referee pass.

Rcon Explanation
/rconpassword Gives you rcon control, required for all of the following commands : )
/rconPassword xxx Changes the password to xxx.
/g_needpass [1/0] Players require a password (1) or not (0) to enter your server.
/rcon g_password xxx Sets the password of the server to xxx
/rcon map xxx Changes to map xxx. Screws up your map rotation.
/rcon start_match Skips warm-ups.
/rcon restart_match Resets the match.
/rcon map_restart Restarts the round
/rcon swap_teams Swap teams, axis players go allies & vice versa.
/rcon sv_maxclients Max people allowed on the server.
/rcon g_friendlyFire [1/0] Friendly fire on (1) or off (0)
/rcon g_teamforcebalance [1/0] Forces team numbers to be even (1), or doesn't (0)
/rcon g_doWarmup [1/0] Sets whether to do warm-ups (1), or not (0)
/rcon g_warmup Sets the amount of time before the round begins in seconds
/rcon say Players do not see spectator chats, use /rcon say instead.
/rcon g_gametype [5/6/7] Sets game type: 5= Objective; 6=Stopwatch; 7= CTF
/rcon g_altStopwatchMode [0/1] Sets SW mode when g_gametype is 6. 0= ABBA 1= ABAB
/rcon g_allowvote [1/0] Allow voting (1) or not (0)
/rcon status Gives the status of all players on the server. Inclusive their slot number

Referee Explanation
/ref xxx Where xxx is the ref password. You need this for the following to work .
/ref restart Aborts a match in progress, starts a new match.
/ref allready Readies all players in the current game.
/ref lock Locks both teams.
/ref unlock Unlocks both teams.
/ref putallies [player ip] Puts a player on the allies team.
/ref putaxis [player ip] Puts a player on the axis team.
/ref callvote comp Loads OSP's match/competition settings.
/abort Aborts a match in progress
/players To see the ip's of every player on the server.
/speclock Locks both teams from spectators.
/specunlock Unlocks both teams from spectators.
/pause Pauses the match.
/unpause Resumes the match


More commands will follow.

Voice Chat Commands

These commands affect the chat and voice commands.
/toggle cg_novoicechats
Setting this to 0 will make it so that the quick chat messages (e.g., "Medic!" or "I need ammo") will not make any audible sounds. They will, however, still show up as text.

/toggle cg_novoicetext
Setting this to 0 will make it so the quick chat messages do not show their text messages (but you will still hear audio).

/toggle cg_teamchatsonly
Setting this to 0 will make it so that you only see chat messages from your team.

/bind X "vsay Y" or /bind X "vsay_team Y"
X is a keyboard key and Y is a term from the list below. This allows you to bind specific voice commands/comments to one key instead of using the menu to navigate to the one you want. Use one of the commands below to get the desired effect:
/bind X "vsay GoodGame"
/bind X "vsay Hi"
/bind X "vsay Cheer"
/bind X "vsay Bye"
/bind X "vsay Thanks"
/bind X "vsay GreatShot"
/bind X "vsay Oops"
/bind X "vsay_team FireInTheHole"
/bind X "vsay_team HoldYourFire"
/bind X "vsay_team TakingFire"
/bind X "vsay_team AllClear"
/bind X "vsay_team DynamitePlanted"
/bind X "vsay_team DisarmDynamite"
/bind X "vsay_team DynamiteDefused"
/bind X "vsay_team EnemyWeak"
/bind X "vsay_team Incoming"
/bind X "vsay_team DefendObjective"
/bind X "vsay_team ClearPath"
/bind X "vsay_team PathCleared"
/bind X "vsay_team LetsGo"
/bind X "vsay_team Medic"
/bind X "vsay_team NeedAmmo"
/bind X "vsay_team NeedEngineer"
/bind X "vsay_team OnDefense"
/bind X "vsay_team OnOffense"
/bind X "vsay_team NeedBackup"
/bind X "vsay_team FollowMe"
/bind X "vsay_team Sorry"
/bind X "vsay_team Welcome"
/bind X "vsay_team Affirmative"
/bind X "vsay_team Negative"
/bind X "vsay_team IamEngineer"
/bind X "vsay_team IamMedic"
/bind X "vsay_team IamLieutenant"
/bind X "vsay_team IamSoldier"


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